The movie screening.

That’s me and cousin Mike. I didn’t think about taking a photo together, but I’m glad it was forced upon us. Now, here it is. Our film, Sunsets showed, and it was fun to see and great to be able to relive in a way. But this version is quite different, it does feel like something brand new, and I can actually stand to watch it now. Who knows if I can see it again, but it looked great on screen. Much better than I thought. People seemed to like it too. Now what do we do with it? We’ll be doing a roundtable on Saturday night with Justin Lin, Quentin Lee, Rea Tajiri, and Chris Chan Lee, the film class of 1997.

Fugetsudo manju. Very good and I’m thankful that they donated some cakes.

That’s what it looked like inside.
That scene above was shot in super 8!

That’s Tamlyn Tomita and Me.

Wen and James. Wen is just back from Taiwan from a Tango Festival, and James is just a bad ass mofo.

James, me, and Harry Kim. Watch for Dirty Hands sometime soon. That’s a great film.

That’s Oscar Rios. A GR supporter.