More than a Game - the movie with Lebron James

It’s easy to say, More Than a Game is a good documentary, and I guess I just did. Is it as great as Hoop Dreams? It’s not quite there to be honest, but knowing the Lebron James angle and what he’s become, does make you want to see how he got there. This is what makes this film valuable. You get a great peek at his friends, the Fab 4 which later becomes to Fab 5, the 4 knew each other from when they were little, 11 years old and they played basketball together all the way through high school. Imagine the bond and how their friendship determined how and where they would play. I especially like Dru Joyce III in the center. He played high school ball and was sub 5 feet tall! Of course Nike is involved. Here’s their link to the movie. Meanwhile Kobe was voted as the player of the decade by the Sporting News. Lebron may be the guy for the next decade.