Subterranean (termites) homesick blues

See that long string thing? That’s a subterranean termite mud tunnel going from the ground up. It’s amazing how they can make such things, but this is under a house which gets no breeze. The tunnels are made of their excrement, so it must bolster the tube. I’m actually amazed at what they can do. If you break their moist poo tunnel, they’ll die since they’ll dry out. Evidently, a termite inspector will mark the spots with an S for subterranean for the next person who works on the property (even if they don’t get the job). According to one inspector, he said, these folks did a good job before him, and that’s what they’re supposed to do. Evidently, there’s a code of conduct for Termite exterminators. That’s cool. Of course what’s not cool is that he came out from under the house nodding his head “no” and dropped me the bad news.

See the tunnels in the corners? The termite guy put an S in that spot.

That’s indoors.