Michael Lau September 29th in LA. This is the invite

You can try to bootleg this invite and I’m sure someone eventually will in China. But for now, this is what it looks like. We featured Michael Lau and actually were the first to sell his Crazy Children toys in 2000. Or was it 1999. It’s a long forgotten fact, but we sold them as they came out, usually in pairs. It was soon after issue 18. Now you can celebrate the 10 years by checking out Barracuda store on Melrose. 7769 Melrose. LA, CA 90066. I don’t know how many different kinds of figures there are, but I got the girl figure which is really nice. This show promises to be interesting. The day after, you have to come to see the Masakatsu Sashie show in Hollywood – 20th Century Boy.

Airholes on the box, 1) to probably pain bootleggers by adding an extra step. 2) the figure needs to breathe like a cabbage patch doll.

The text from the invite.