Loren Jovicic

Sometimes, when you get a bit apart from your childhood days, you might actually turn around and look back. I write about nostalgia for no reason once in a while, and this installment is about my one of best friends in the 2nd and 3rd and maybe 4th grade (I’m guessing). Typical as with growing up, people move in and they move out. Loren Jovicic moved out and went to Santa Monica. It’s not too far, but in elementary school days, it’s the end of a friendship and on to new ones. The other day, I ran into this photo. It’s from a film and I thought it looked like Loren-it just popped into my head. Google brought me to imdb. His name is now Loren Dean (he used his middle name), and he’s in a bunch of movies. I’ve seen him in a few like Gattaca, but never made the connection. If you asked me at that time, what I thought he’d end up doing, I would have guessed something with drawing. He was pretty good. Maybe 4 square champion or tic tac toe master? I hope he’s enjoying movie land.