BRAWL-CON at the GR Concert!

The circles are on Greg and Martin. I don’t think they saw it go down. That’s Anne being pointed to via arrow. She was having a good time. Look at the arm of hers in the air. She has no idea what’s going on. You can see the bouncer in black tackling the shirtless guy who just hit the curly haired guy that you’ll sort of see in another photo. The way I saw it, the shirtless guy was having a good time, and the curly haired guy was fucking with him. I took my camera out and got it ready, I knew something was about to happen.

That’s a half guard but also a strong position the guy with no shirt is pretty much taken care of. How does he escape. My jiu jitsu training tells me this. With the free leg, he should push himself out, so he’s facing his attacker. If you go the other way, you’re doomed.

Curly and the shirtless dude are split up. How did the shirtless guy get free from that hold? Martin and Greg say, “awwww”.

The guy with the curly hair seeks revenge. Meanwhile Martin and Greg watch the show.

Upsilon Acrux cleared most of the room, but were having fun playing math rock. The guy on the right is the drummer of Flattbush. He was into it.

Free the Robots and Emilio. That’s a big beer.

The Binges. The guy with the curly hair is standing next to Greg in this shot.

Saelee and Emilio getting down.

This was before the show. I sort of think this is how people make fun of the guy on the stage. You sit on the stage and make faces. There was terrible comedy before hand… as well.


Before the show, there was a robot being made.