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JetBlue still rock. Right when I thought everyone else stepped up and took them over, I see what they have at JFK. Work stations (but those monitors are not for computers, it’s to order food), charging stations, etc. And not just 1 or 2 around a pole, this is a bank of them. Maybe there’s 12 or 16 total and a few outlets. This series of pics took place during my escape from Comic Con Thursday and Friday.

Interviews for the Toyota Matrix. A different crew, but it got done. Watch for this one soon at the check out the latest from the SF and LA Asian American Film Festivals including Kelly Hu, Charlyne Yi, Tad Nakamura, and more.

Whoa a Muji at the airport. I thought I was going to buy something, but no.

Setagaya Ramen. I’ve been in Setagaya, Japan, and now NYC. It’s decent, but alas, the one in Japan is better. The gyoza is a dead giveaway. It’s totally different. But this isn’t bad. Shio ramen is still underrated.

That Mark Palaganas, it’s late, his hair tells the story. Chinatown is still open at this hour.

Me, Emily Chang, Dan – part of the team that created the short film, Humberville Poetry Slam which played at AAIFF.

A fancy dessert

A fancy meal. That’s food blogger Lia Bulaong!
Did I spell that right?

I thought it was a Superflat homage.

Game shirts at Uniqlo NYC.