Truck time

Truck Mayhem. There’s maybe 20 new food trucks in LA, maybe more. Kogibbq, other Korean tacos, Japanese, ice-cream, shave-ice (it should have no D in it), and more… They cruise around together making food and serving it to people who are willing to wait over an hour. Lunch breaks gotta be extended if you want to eat at a truck. I’m still not willing to wait it out. Martin got a shave-ice. It was good. I’ve also heard recent news that Baja Fresh is making Kogi Tacos. Read about it on laist. Kogi supposedly means “meat” in Korean, so I guess although there might be confusion, the name is pretty pedestrian. I think a problem happens with confusion, so who knows, maybe there’s a case. If BF used Kogibbq Tacos, that would be a big time bust… but for now, this is what I think.

Kogibbq still has lines.