Weekend Events and people

The food. A good day could include a BBQ. When Mr Hahn does it, people come over. It’s an effort filled spectacle that includes everything you need. Food, drink, dessert, and things to do.

David Choe on the right with his new hair. The back of Mr James Jean. Cam and Wen.

Joe Hahn, saying goodbye as he leaves on tour tomorrow. He’s cooking good burgers, burgers, weiners, sausages, chicken, dogs, and more. I may meet up with Joe in Tokyo when his band does their thing at Summer Sonic.

Moukari Makka? That’s comedian Yoshi Obayashi. The Japanese is Osaka dialect for making money? It’s a greeting actually. Can you believe it?

Mary Ink folks. I saw nice t-shirts, and they’re nice folks from Tennessee. They were in town for Renegade!

Carl Choi and Daniel Wu. Carl works with Far East Movement. It’s arguable, that my bowels make far east movements daily, however, he works with the popular hip hop group of the same name. Little did he know, it’s possible the food we all ate gave him number 3. Daniel Wu ponders something. He’s wearing the Helvetica Metallica shirt. Cool guy.

I don’t know how people could be so tacky. Under the black, I think it said Santa Rosa. So this van came from another city, but did it require black spray paint? How about black, then white over it? Anything? But instead it’s just black spray paint.

I did Aikido with Fujitani Shihan and Take. It’s just a seminar, so it might have been a one time only thing for me. We’ll see. It was quite fun actually, and much different than my past experience at Gracie Jiu Jitsu. No, I didn’t do the sword part. It looked pretty tough.