Death Cab for Cutie - Tegan and Sara and The New Pornographers Hollywood Bowl Videos

The Flip Camera does it again, sort of. At the Hollywood Bowl, I actually got stopped by security from shooting video with my Flip Camera. What’s the difference between the Flip Camera video and shooting video from a decent digital camera, or shooting video with an Iphone. It’s output is strictly Youtube or Facebook. So why even deal with a Flip Camera? It’s as small as a digital camera, it does a bit better, but in the end, it’s not professional video or sound.. so I don’t get it. I am glad the new iPhones will create havoc on the security. When everyone has video, phone, recorder, and camera in one, things will be equalized. The show was fun nonetheless.

Before I was stopped, I shot a bunch of videos.

Oh yeah, the food photos. Seats and food compliments of Julia Huang and Takao. Amazing and rivals any show.

Death Cab For Cutie – Marching Bands of Manhattan

Death Cab For Cutie – Your Heart is an Empty Room

Death Cab For Cutie – Grapevine Fires

Death Cab For Cutie – You Can Do Better Than Me

Tegan and Sara

The New Pornographers

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Saying goodbye. No encores