I must enjoy pain or something. I’m sitting in my dentist chair, and my dentist is sharpening the tools that are going to tear up my gums. It feels bad, but it feels good too in a way, since I know the pieces of calcified crap is coming out of my mouth. I learned a lot from this dentist visit. It was odd and interesting.

1. Grinding teeth. I used to do it I guess and there’s tons of evidence in my teeth. There’s smooth spots everywhere. She was aghast.
2. In my case, the grinding came from my orthodontic work from when I was in elementary school. I had tons of teeth pulled for braces (14). Why didn’t the other dentists fill me in?
3. Grinding teeth can lead to headaches and neck aches.
4. A lot of hygienists take it easy, since they don’t handle giving out pain well. That means, a less good cleaning.
5. My teeth are strong. I can go years without a cleaning and I’ll be fine.

On the way to the dentist office, I saw this. I used it too. It’s a machine to pay for parking. It’s so funny and dumb that they make it in the shape of a giant parking meter.