Transformers 2 opening - Linkin Park in Westwood

Transformers 2. That’s the red carpet… It was a huge red carpet in Westwood Village for what might end up being one of the biggest movies ever. They blocked off the streets and it was a huge event. Linkin Park played at 10pm after the movie premiere to a packed crowd. They’re calling this a secret show, but it was hardly secret since it seemed like everyone knew what was up. Kroq gave away wrist bands, and one dude got in because he said he was with me. Gladly we got to meet up with Mr Hahn afterwards to say, great job. I’ve known Joe for a bit, and when I met him, I couldn’t say I knew one song by his band, and now I know a bunch.

I even shot some video for those of you who couldn’t get in. Check it out at our Youtube channel.

Jayne and Noel.