Question from Curious E

The black box can solve the mysteries of the plane crash. Yes, I’m obsessed with plane crashes. So this black box… it’s actually orange and it’s 13 lbs, and can survive anything, but sometimes they can’t find it. That sucks. There’s a beacon in it. That’s a good start.

So why…
1) can’t they make this thing wireless and be connected and have it download all the info at all times? Have a few servers buried in Colorado?
2) aren’t there 10 black boxes?
3) not in a thumbdrive form, so there’s tons of them all at once?
4) not embed them in a seat, since those are always found floating around? Why not in every seat?
5) not make them float? Why not make one float and one sink?
6) not attach a reward so private treasure hunters could join in?
7) isn’t there a video camera of the plane, let’s say from the tip of the wing in, taking video at all times?
8) not one on both pilots at all times, so you can see if they’re falling asleep or drunk?