l.a. Eyeworks

l.a. Eyeworks! Guess what? That’s girlwithglasses, Lisa Strouss Donald who’s now an eye glass expert. She can pick glasses that’ll fit your face and critique why some work and some don’t. In picture 4 is Brent Zerger, the main man. I got his help too. It’s amazing how technical and design oriented picking glasses can be. There’s reasons why some work and some don’t. Some are too expected, and some are just a bit off center which makes them just right. I only need glasses for nighttime and maybe driving. I play softball as some of you know, so when the ball comes off the bat, I swear it’s blurry. I stand in place, or backpedal just a bit, since I’m not seeing the ball. I’m in leftfield… it’s far. Once I guess a beat on where it’s going, I’ll catch it. I also picked up some sunglasses too. Thanks l.a. Eyeworks.