A Script: Are you Joe? Baseman art show

“Are you Joe?”
Joe stops to consider…
“Why, yes I am.” He answers wisely.
“I thought so…” the brunette says. She follows up with, “can we take a photo with you?”

I occasionally get to take photos too, but with dudes.

This is what he normally looks like…

The Baseman art show… I know he’d like me to say the art was great, but the art show part was closed, and the idiots working at the gallery didn’t think to tell people that. So the art, which is why you’d be there? Who knows. Maybe it’s good, but maybe it blows. Rhyme Pays.

Check these two out. You can tell who was having fun.

There was a strange cult like display performance. Super scenester event. Douchebags galore. Maybe I’m one for being there.

The exclamation point. A projection…