3 Meals on Wheels.

The place called Torafuku is known for it’s rice. It’s cooked in an old fashioned manner in stone pots. They mix it for you, so it’s not just like this. It ends up being a fried rice type of dish that’s a must have when you come here. Eating rice still works.

Thats’ a meat dish, sort of like a bulgoki, or something like that. It tasted great and was fatty.

That’s Yaz Noya. Say what up to Yaz. I’ve known Yaz for ages when she was doing Sony related work at Tofu records.

Kampachi carpaccio.

Tuna salad


A crazy smelt and shiso leaf “spring roll”

That’s Chi-lan Lieu. Say what’s up to Chi-lan at Yabu in West LA. I’ve known Chi-lan since her G4 days. She interviewed my on her show.

David Horvath at Nook which is in West LA. It’s been fairly social of late, but it just so happens that people were in my area in a concentrated amount of days. I’ve known David since Uglydolls day 1.

Taking air pics.