Giant Robot Silverlake closed - thanks realrocknrollmovers

Moving out is always tough. I worried about this move for a month almost every day. In the end, because I worry, I always think that the job is easier than it is. But on the flipside, it takes a lot of energy, and I hold that in me and live with it constantly. It’s not just moving, it’s the work before and after, and that doesn’t include the other aspects in my life and work, that I worry about, and I carry those daily as well. I don’t think I’ll ever stop worrying about things, and I’d like to think it’s because I care. I’ll live less, and I’ll smile a bit less, but that’s my life.

Real Rock N Roll movers ( were quite great. See below for more.

Yes that’s a rock n roll mover. Movers are there to move your possessions, but is that all they do? I hear horror stories about things getting stolen, broken, etc, but these guys are actually smart movers. They’re conscientious, methodical, and tactical. They can play tetris with your goods to make sure it fits well and safely. Instead of just lugging items, they look out for each other in how things are being carried for more leverage. They actually look at what the terrain is before they move to make sure things are safe. I really like it when one of the guys will call out, “Stop!” and they all huddle to discuss what they are doing in that instant and how it’ll affect the entire job. Maybe that’s the teamwork of being in a band coming out. There’s a lead singer type, a drummer type and a bass player type. Together they make music, and together, they guys can move.

David, Chris and Keyla patch the wall. We had a good run in Silverlake. It was a fun ride, and I hope we can do it again. It’s the first whole location that we closed. We did actualy close half of our NY store, but that’s NYC. Rents and economics make no sense there. This feels like the first real closure, so I have some thoughts on it, that I hope I get out one day soon when I figure them all out.

That’s what the wall looked like behind the case. It’s a bit out of control, but that’s what Pryor did to the wall to make sure it was flat. I’d say, he’s a bit OCD. See how small some of the pieces are? It’s a bit crazy, and it does make a nice art installation.

That’s the big shelf unit made by Pryor. It’s fairly modular.