Sunsets in CHICAGO – Gene Siskel

Sunsets, the feature film still is getting it’s day. It’s now played twice in Chicago to not the largest crowds, but twice at Siskel Film Center. The first time they (Siskel and Ebert) were both alive and well with a powerful show that influenced crowds to see movies. Today, Siskel has passed away and Ebert is working hard through a stroke. Rating movies has gone to new folks, mostly online. Films have changed. The medium and technique are different. Yet, the film center still exists and makes movies look good. The front door itself is a reminder that you’re entering a real cinema center. Don’t mess around inside. This is the Rucker Park of film.

The projection was beautiful. A serious projection system that made us look good. I actually sat through the film again.

What do film fest folks do to kill a bit of time? Scrabble. That’s the scene when we walked in. Game on. What’s with the eye patch girl in the painting!