Yelp Issues

A lot of folks like Yelp. As a user, it’s probably fun. You can read reviews, get previews, learn the inner secrets of places, and more. In the end, everyone’s a critic and everyone’s a reviewer, even if they shouldn’t be, right? The internet has created overnight food experts, movie critics, and whiners everywhere. Yet Yelp is handy, yet from my perspective, aside from the content issues of Yelp, it’s sales folks are annoying. It’s great they hustle, and I’m sure it’s commission based and we all need more money, but the repeated phone calls, shifty marketing words, and their persistence and a-hole style is just too much. So Yelp… although we thank you for the kind words, the hard sell is always a drag and it doesn’t stop. If it’s not one person, it’s another. If you ask them not to call, they’ll still call.

Here’s another post I did a while ago about Yelp salesmanship.

I hope posting this doesn’t give us more negative comments on yelp. Here’s our sites. You can’t but help read the negative comments!


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