KAWS – Natalia Fabia

I knew this painting would catch your eye. It looks almost like a photo and well of course it’ll catch your eye. It’s work by the woman pictured below Natalia Fabia at the Corey Helford Gallery. The original plan was to see the KAWS show like the rest of the kids in LA. The Culver City bound La Cienega offramp was packed. You couldn’t get off from the 10 freeway going south. Driving by the line was gigantic. The same kids who’d wait 24 hours for a sneaker were there. You can’t win when that happens.

The Natalia Favia show had a long line as well. Luckily, rolling with James Jean gets you in places. Imagine, all of these glamour folks, and the man who’s not boisterous or flashy can paint with the best of the them, or maybe better.

Someone should make a comic and then a movie about this guy.

That’s Jessie Mann, my intern from maybe 8 or 10 years ago. Haven’t seen her much at all, or maybe not at all, since then. It was nice to see her out.

Umar Rashid. MC Hi-Fidel who’s in his new band Friday Night. Here’s his music video.

Work from Dave Muller at Blum and Poe. Can’t ever go wrong with Snoopy

Harry and James.

Jimmy Smith