Pinks Hot Dogs

You’ve all been. Of course it’s overrated. It’s a hot dog. How great can a hot dog be? Hot Doug’s in Chicago is great, but Pinks is just a hot dog. You can even tell. Do you think that weiner is special? Is it hand crafted? No, it’s from a pack of frozen weiners. The buns aren’t home baked, it’s from a plastic bag of buns. So why is it so crowded? Above is the “Rosie” by the way.

At my seat was a great sign. The main sushi man, Nobu. I looked up and there was this photo, signed of course.

It’s the waiting in line, the atmosphere to anticipation. The hot dog is whatever, so-so, but the wait, and vibe of excitement is quite great. But why are there so many Asians there. I think the line was nearly 50% Asian. Are Asians followers of hype? I’ve been to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, and when I’ve been, there’s about 40-50% Asians eating there and tons waiting outside. I guess I’ve added to that, but the thing is, I don’t go back.