Yoshitomo Nara – YNG opening at Blum and Poe

Yoshitomo Nara and Hideki Toyoshima (GRAF) put together an insane exhibition that’s unlike anything else they’ve done from what I’ve seen. The cool thing is that Nara did paintings and did work aside from his GRAF work of late, so in a way, he’s back! It’s great that he has a work team, but at the same time, Nara is a rock star, he’s an artist who’s on a path, and the work with GRAF in the last many years, hopefully is changing his work, and it is. There’s new style paintings that look like vintage signs. His frames are more ornate, yet his drawings are still kick ass and cool. That’s Tim Blum and two of his kids sitting.

This is a video of inside of that wagon buggy.

A detail of a painting.

Wen, James, and Baseman

This peace sign is fan art plushes.

Two of the 6 pieces.

Two of the 6 pieces.

Two of the 6 pieces.

A nice large painting

Dig that frame, and if you look at the eyes, the detail is great.

I like this drawing. It’s large and in that rarer profile style. He doesn’t do the profiles as much.

I like this drawing a lot.

You might not have seen this one, it was stashed in back.

Whoa, this is all they used to make the wagon buggy.

Check out Nara’s creeps