James Kochalka at GR2 Saturday november 15th.

I know the last post that helps out Ed Templeton is on the same day as the GR2 show, I would definitely implore you to check this show out first or after. Maybe just come and hang out. You’ll get a chance to meet James Kochalka. He’s not in LA often, and he’s going to be here with his art pieces which are great. We’ve seen tons of these pieces while set up across from him at Top Shelf at Comicon. He’s always nice, and he’s from Vermont. If you don’t know him, he’s a master of comics. Released so many books that I can’t begin to count them, and he’s a nice guy. You shouldn’t miss his show since he’ll be playing some music as well and that’ll be fun all on it’s own.

Here’s one of the sites for his comic American Elf
This is his wiki entry.

Meanwhile, watch this video it’s a lot of fun and informative.