Opening Masakatsu Sashie Under Fluorescent Light

First off, had to show you this. Yes, the GR2 store, and Giant Robot 1 immortalized in a Masakatsu Sashie painting – a great sized one at that. What you aren’t seeing are the robot toys from a photo that he took in my room. The rest of the images include his model kits that remain unmade. A famicom, and the GR2 gumball machine, that’s mostly cut off in the photo, but you can still make it out. Yes, of course it’s mine. You can see the image below as well, between Martin, Wendy, and Eloise, who’s got the druid gear on. This show’s taken quite a lot of effort in the last week. The work’s been done, but there’s so much more than that, which goes into some shows. This is one of them. 

Rolan Bolan, Yuu, and Mr. Sashie
I’ll post the images from the opening up on flickr quite soon.