The foods of Nepal – Saultee Mode – Nepali

See the Riceballs? Imagine, it’s not all rice, it’s actually rice and potato. That red thing? Some pickled something. It was tart. This isn’t really Nepali. It’s some kind of hybrid, which exists even among the Nepali! The owner is a Nepali dude who looks interesting, and speaks with an accent. The tea tasted Turkish. It was sweet and nice. The food, great. Saultee Mode is a great place in Ebisu. 

That’s the main dish. Chicken, rice, we poured the soup on the rice which is the way to go. there’s pickled fish and vegetables.

Pakora! They’re also from Nepal. The cool thing is that when you order food here, you hear chopping. It’s because everything is made the second you order it. It’s a tiny spot, and there’s also a full bar, so there are regulars. It’s weird seeing a guy come in wearing a suit sitting in front of a Nepali dude who’s still learning English.

That’s the inside. Simple and nice.