Scion – Insiders Outsiders and the Middle – the artists

It’s already just 2 days from opening night at the Scion space in Culver City. The artists are all now in town and installing. It’s great to see them all. Noriko Ashino, Nao Harada, Space Invader, Adrian Johnson, Kami, Ed Trask, Shinya Yamamoto, Zariganiworks are all working harmoniously to get their art up and looking good. It’s still early in the game but the cool thing is that everything looks great.

That’s Noriko Ashino who designed the GR umbrellas, rooster, and the panda shirt. That’s Lucky the dog who roams the grounds. I guess I was wearing IPaths that day.

In progress. Maybe I shouldn’t show you this, but it’s going to look good. Invader is tearing up LA right now. Keep your eyes open.

Trask to the task. This painting is huge.

Kami is in town. His work is great.

Nao looks like Shinya’s work while painting his own.

Mr Trask. Think he can play drums? With arms like that, of course he can. Find him on the beach, he’s been going surfing in the early AM. Let him on some waves, locals. He’s a great guest.

Amy peeps over the shoulder of the Zariganiworks robot.

Dali Lama cubes

Ex Londonite, Adrian Johnson made it in last, but he got oohs and ahhs when he unrolled his work. He’s the nicest guy.

Father’s Office looked like a bunk place. Totally filled with people, loud, a bar, and then we ordered a burger for each. Some Yam fries, and regular fries. I’d say, all were skeptical. Yes, all. How can a place that looks like a typical yuppie bar (I guess you can say it is), serve good food? Ah, a Korean dude who’s the maestro chef. After the first bite, people tripped out. I heard it in Japanese all over the place. Check out Sakamoto’s (Zariganiworks – in red, blue, and white expression. Look at his eyes. Cameras started going up to shoot pics of their burger.