Money Mark back from the Jack Johnson tour now at Goodwill

Money Mark at the Goodwill. Yeah, that’s not the best sounding thing ever, meeting at a Goodwill. Me looking for weird crap, Mark looking at an old piano he wants for a special sound. He took a seat and caught up on what was going on amidst junk. Mark was funny showing me how cool this piano was with ivory keys (yeah, that’s bad), and ebony keys. Does ivory sound better? 

The piano shuts down like a box. Mark’s been on tour with Jack Johnson. He just got back and is now going to produce some music – for which this piano will work well. If you don’t know mark use Google. He keyboarded for the Beastie Boys, wrote many of their best songs with them too, has solo albums, and some cool music videos.

This is neat, he’s recording the sound with his cell phone to find out if the tuning is okay. He also said that if you punch in 123456789 – it’s a C scale. Is that true?

Yeah, it’s his now. After seeing him, we vowed to keep in better touch.