Jack Long GR2 opens tonight Convolvere

Jack Long changed his color schemes and if anything, the work has more detail than ever. There’s a range of sizes, and the show overall looks great. Jack’s friend asked me from where I met Jack. I told the story. I was eating at Julian’s in Providence. It’s a great spot, if you ever get a chance. Jack’s art was hanging on the wall. It was his first show, and he was just finishing school at RISD. The work was amazing. I couldn’t tell if the work was by a kid, or an older man who’s into fantasy. It had maturity with a youthful spirit. As soon as I tracked him down, I found out he just finished college!

I put him in art shows. Artist Susie Ghahremani knew him from classes at school, so it made everything easier. Since then, we’ve shown Jack many times. He’s one of the nicest guys around, and he’s now lived in LA for three years. I’m glad that I was able to help him out. He even worked at GR stores in LA. Tonight’s his “next GR” art show. Convolvere. 
I took this photo off of a site called artbusiness.com
I’ve taken many photos like this and I think this is a photo from our space. That’s a shadow around his neck, not sweat, but I’m sure he works that hard when he paints.