David Choe and Harry Kim – Dirty Hands – World Premiere

This is my favorite pic of David Choe and Harry Kim. Harry is often referred to as David’s sidekick, and in many ways, maybe he is. For nearly the last decade, where David’s been, Harry’s been right there behind him – with a video camera. This picture was from London, on our way to the Tate Modern. Look at the image… Harry’s hands out explaining something, perhaps that he did wrong and David looking like Sid Vicious. The film was done shooting at this point, and it’s now show time – saturday June 21, 2008. Dirty Hands website.

I’m proud to say we’re sponsoring the film screening along with Upper Playground and RVCA. We’ve been there from day one of David Choe’s career and it’s great to see it keep rolling along.
That’s Steve Lazarides and David Choe
A still from Dirty Hands.
That’s Dave and his brother Paul in NYC.