Watermelon agua fresca LA style

I had a half of a watermelon sitting in my fridge. I couldn’t eat it, it was just okay. What do you do with watermelons that don’t quite cut it? I happens often, you spend a few dollars and you get something that’s not awful, but just not good. Make juice. You have to have a juicer, and thanks to mine, this worked out decent. Slice up the watermelon. I do them up in long strips, so they can fall into the juicer, much like if you were juicing celery.

That’s mint. Off to the side, I boiled a few table spoons of honey and a cup of water and mint. Of course, once it’s boiled down, the mint will turn brown. Remove the mint. Hopefully, it’ll infuse with the honey water mixture. Mix it with the watermelon juice.

That’s the juice pouring out. Juicer by Jack LaLane.

Add some lemon or lime to the mix, and there you have it. Add a tiny piece of fresh mint, and this is looking pretty good. If you have the fancy but sort of impractical ice cube trays by IKEA, then it’s just that much cooler.