Donutman is #1.

The Donut man. You saw the pic from the blog yesterday maybe. But if you didn’t think is what he looks like. Jim Nakano. He’s a great man. Really. A true American success story, and he even took his wife and friend to see Mongol at the GR screening, but furthermore, drove out from Glendora. He’s a food person, and loves to go far just to eat a good meal. I’m glad he made it to the movie as well. But all this said, the LA times best Donuts in LA came out, and he got #2. I’d protest, since #1 is just a super fancy place that isn’t open 24-7, but donuts are donuts. If it’s a ring, I guess it counts no matter what.

Here’s the list. Some of the other spots shouldn’t even be on. If donuts aren’t their main dish, then they shouldn’t be on the list. Rockenwagner Bakery? No. Grace? No. Craft. No. Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery. No. Most of the list is lame. Stan’s in Westwood. OK. Tang’s in Silverlake. OK! Randy’s. OK. Bobs. OK. Frittelli’s Doughnuts & Coffee. I’ve never been, but sounds OK. Who wrote this anyway? Frittelli’s has two dollar signs. Donuts are $6-11? That’s not a donut anymore. “Worth it at twice the price?” Donutman’s Strawberry donuts are 2.60. I hardly doubt anything double the price can beat it. Ok. Donutman is on top at #1. I pity the fool who believes otherwise. And to the reviewer at the Times, dare not bring Portland into the mix. LA is donut city.