United Kranes

The logo and design is excellent and I’d say perfectly describes the shoe as being for indoor sports like badminton. A crane sounds like the perfect analogy to use to describe a person soaring high to swat the birdy. The Fred Perry and Cannes style leaves always work to make something look important. I’m not sure if I’m an indoor sports player. I don’t do the ping pong, squash, or badminton. Indoors can also mean, basketball, right? But somehow, I have a feeling this show is all about the traditionally Asian indoor sports. It’s not about BMX, fixed gear, skating, or just trying to look hard. Check them out at United Kranes.

I’m not a fan of shiny on shoes. Especially the patent leather look. It’s just not my style. The stripes are ok. I think it has a feeling of motion, both up and down.
I dig the logo on the tongue.
The sole is all about sticking to the gym floors. Cutting and turning when needed.
United Kranes. I dig the name.