UCLA Talk Asia Institute

Asia Institute got us in to speak today. It started off with a Thai to go lunch and a bunch of questions from the many students who are part of the Asia Pacific Arts and Asia Media web publications out of UCLA. Many have titles, some are interns, but they asked a bunch of questions relating to magazine making. I was challenging myself to remember a whole room of people. That’s William with the glasses, the woman on the right is Debbie, but the names started to fade away. Check out all of their links, including the Asia Institute.

This is what the talk looked like. Behind the project sat Tritia Toyota who’s a newscaster in LA. I assume she’s still active doing a lot of projects and she took a lot of notes during our talk. Why? I have no idea. She probably didn’t realize it, but I’m a long time fan and I watched her broadcast often. I remember her best on NBC. Check out the video below, it’s old, but her cadence is perfect and her hair amazing. A touch of blush and a more natural make up style made her better than the rest. In a way, I think she was the true prototype of the Asian American woman anchor. Connie Chung was a big name, but her style was over the top.

A fun fact is that punk band, The Dickies, recorded a song called, “I’m Stuck in a Pagoda with Tricia Toyota” They spelled her name different, who knows why. I wonder what she thinks of the song? Had I got to speak with her, that would have been my first question. 

The talk went well, and it was supposed to include a little about finding a job that’s untraditional. I think we did a fair job in showing how it is. The weird thing is that the event took place in the faculty lounge, even as a student, I never got to go inside. Now, I get to see what it’s all about.