Hot Doug’s hot dogs Part 2

Hot Doug Part 2 – it doesn’t stop. The food in Chicago is pretty good. I’ve written about Hot Doug’s before, which is perhaps the best dog place around. It’s open only during the day, and it’s right by the folks at Midway who makes the Chow Yun Fat video game. Eat dog seems be well crafted. The above two are the veggie dogs, and maybe some of the folks who read this blog can tell me what the heck the bottom one is. I forgot. I added the image above, and that’s Hot Doug himself. I sneaked photos of him before, but this time I asked, and look at that smile. If you’re in the business of making great food, and making people happy, I hope you can smile like this man can. He’s always there working. When he’s out, the spot might be closed. 

Rumor has it, that Hot Doug is a culinary student of sorts, and went through the rigors of being at high end restaurants, and now makes the best dogs he can. That’s really cool.
This is the Dave Kingman. I do remember Mr Kingman, who hit a ball in the Astrodome that went so high, it didn’t come down. The Chicken sausage dog is the Dave Kingman. I got it Italian style, which has those special herbs that mama would put in the sauce. 
The technique of opening this dog is a bit freaky. If you hit Chicago, you should check this place out.
Here’s my last post about Hot Doug’s.