Smoque in Chicago

Baby back Ribs. If you think of that Chili’s song, that’s a heartbreaker and maybe a dealbreaker. Refrain please. Instead, grab a pile of wetnaps, get your all you can handle Fanta Orange and get ready to rumble. These are the St Louis style, and the ribs break apart easily, and the flavor is both juicy and meaty with a bounty of taste. It’s not heavy on the sauce when it shows up, and their BBQ sauce works great on everything including fries. See the forks? You don’t need them for the main features.

Brisket sandwich. The bread alone works with the sauce. It’s sort of like eating Unagi, you can put the sauce on anything, and it’ll taste good. But the brisket is tender and breaks down in your mouth. This a soft sandwich, and the thick bread isn’t too heavy, and compliments the meat. I found myself pouring a tiny bit more of the BBQ sauce in. Does that meat look amazing? Even you vegans and veggies have to admit, this is looking good, right?
The sides aren’t a joke here. The beans are a winner and sports a great sweet and smokey flavor that blows a can of Bush’s to Uranus. Tiny bits of meat, tell me that it’s probably made with the “shake” from the ribs and brisket giving that extra jab to tell you it’s homegrown. The cole slaw might actually be a vegan dish. It’s void of the typical mayo, but instead is in a dressing, so it’s more like a mini salad. Vinegar, spices, and the onions make this work. I could have ate a bowl, and today, the following day, that’s what I’ll probably need to eat all day in the wake of this devastating to the body type of meal.

3800 N Pulaski
(between Avondale Ave & Grace St)
Chicago, IL 60641
(773) 545-7427