in the mail – Junkyard Sam

Junkyard Sam comments on my blog once in a while, and today a package came in the mail that caught my eye. It could have been a special book, toy, cigars, money, or a stink bomb. It’s so simple to have a box made of wood. Is this handmade? It’s a nice package for sure, and things like this come in once in a while. First, here’s Junkyard Sam’s site. Here’s what’s in it.

A nice note for sure, and nice stationery, but then on the right, is that a CD of music? It’s personalized with the GR robot silhouette that I designed and it even says Giant Robot, and it has my name on the bottom. Rad.

It’s not a CD of music, it’s tin can with a window or art. It’s like a mini book type of thing, greatly made with a lot of care. Something like what Mark Ryden did once upon a time with a collection of prints in a tin.

Check out the art? This work is awesome.

It’s like fantasy and the highly illustrative work tells a story. So I went to check out his site and saw this post. He had a GR day. He randomly met Deth P. Sun and Marci Washington at Macy’s, two great artists who are a nice couple, then he went to GRSF where he met me. Oh yeah! Now that I see what he looks like. I did meet him. But I swear he didn’t call himself Junkyard Sam. Like Jeana Sohn, Junkyard Sam got into art from Giant Robot. That’s cool and I hope we, or he, are inspiring for others.