Patagonia Santa Monica store art show

Art show at Patagonia? Sure why not. Shops are doing it these days, and that doesn’t exclude a shop as large as Patagonia. How would it work? The art is by Kitty Botke, Jeremy Collins, Chris DelMoro, Peter McBride, Nikki McClure, Geoff McFetridge, Jason Munn, Jason Stowell. Patagonia has the power to actually make this work, even without a real art space. How? Easels, small wall space, but integrated product, a warm and friendly environment, snacks, Honest tea, music, and that’s good enough. Yes I picked up a few shirts.

Nikki McClure art. This is an important piece by her.
Recognize it? There were a few Nikki t shirts which are nice.

Geoff McFetridge. He’s been doing shirts with Patagonia for a while now, and they’re always great, and they’re $29 which is a good price for the quality you’re getting. No, his art work wasn’t for sale.

Another important Nikki piece.

Live Simply by Geoff. Yes I picked one of these up but in Green.

Live music

That’s the postcard drawing.

Whoa, that’s the cover of his zine book

work by Jason Munn

The window of the shop.