Food Show

That’s a MIXTA. Mixed seafood over ceviche on a tostada chip. $3.50. It comes from the truck parked on Rose. I’ve been talking a lot about the truck over many years, and I realized, that I think I’ve been going there for almost 20 years. How’s that possible that a truck can show up nearly every day to serve people for that many years? Maybe it’s the food.

Happy Chinese New Year. Or better yet, Happy New Year. The photo above that a bit soft focus are snow pea leaves, that’s the best thing ever. Above that, Peking Duck. Love that name. Above that Phoenix Boutique dessert. All this is from the Phoenix Inn.

Portos. Cuban cafeteria! I don’t have to get into the potato balls which is the first photo in this set. The rest are pastries that are filled with mostly meat. I had to have one of everything, but the tamale was no good.

Pho from Pho Hong Phat in the LBC. The broth is a bit more peppery than other pho shops I’ve been to lately. It’s good.