One of the coolest shops that I actually discovered a while back is Soaptopia. On Venice, it’s a shop that of course sells soap, but they’re not just resellers, they make their own. I have no idea how one gets into making soap and doing it in a shop setting, but they have it dialed in. It’s been in Mar Vista for three years, and I have no idea how I’ve missed it for so long. The exterior looks comfortable, and retro. Something like an apothecary or something like that. Check out this little strip of shops, it’s looking up.

The official greeter. The dog walks around slowly.

Most of the things here, they don’t make, it’s the sponges and stuff in the window.

Norma stands proud in front of the soaps, lotions, and bath oils. See the candy cane themed soap? That’s special for the holidays. The chandelier is a nice touch. I’d like to learn how to make soap one day, but for now, I’ll just buy it.

I like the open beam ceiling. It could have been just a regular low hanging ceiling, but the wood opens it up. Disco ball? I’m not sure about that.

There’s that soap again. I’m digging the cake dish.

This is where you buy the soap. Just pick some off and put them on the table. So many styles and scents. They get featured on TV once in a while, and holiday time, it gets packed. They gift wrap with the best of them.

Some places make cupcakes, but they do soap. What are these baking sheets are all about? Or I mean, what do they use them for when it’s not soap? Something flat like cookies?

That’s where they make everything. The shop is comfortable, the people nice, and this is a true indie business. They ship of course… from their site, here’s their info.

Soaptopia, Inc. – 12228 1/2 Venice Blvd. – Mar Vista – CA 90066
310.398.8333 (phone) – 310.398.7949 (fax)
Store Hours – M-F 10am-7pm – SA/SU 10am-6pm