Hot Cakes

Made it to Hot Cakes today. I’ve driven by this bakery many times in the last three years and never stopped in. I actually never noticed Hot Cakes until fairly recently to be honest. The stretch of Centinela where this shop is at, is sort of slowly revitalizing. There’s a comics and collectibles place on the corner, and B&B, the hardware store institution is always busy. Walking in, you see people working hard baking. They’re making cakes of some sort, and of course what catches my eyes are the cupcakes. I’m not sure how hard it is to really mess up cupcakes, but then again, if you go to a market, they’re terrible. These are handmade and the many choices with thick frostings are nice.

The painted chalkboard, and handwriting ads a nice touch. Even though this is big on the wall you hardly notice it since you’re busy looking into the glass case.

These stare at you and it’s hard to get just one or even two, you tend to want to buy a bunch of give to people. That’s why cupcakes are cool.

Of course, cupcakes are sort of like snacks you might buy on a whim, and they definitely bring you back into nostalgia, as least in my lifetime. When I was little, I remember cupcakes were cool. I think that’s where the idea of a Ding Dong and Twinkie came to be. The idea was the make small cakes. It’s great that cupcakes are in now, and I do hope they never leave. A slice of cake is essentially the same thing, but are they really? Is a cupcake, that’s handcrafted for one serving better? I actually think so. The care is worth supporting.

Hot Cakes
10-7 mon-sat, 10-4 sun.
4119 centinela near washington blvd
la, ca 90066