Art Center

Friday night was the grad show at Art Center. I’ve been to such event a few times, but it seems like it’s only gotten bigger and more crowded. It’s getting to be more than just a graduation show, it’s about just checking out who’s on the horizon. We all know many of the artists who like now are from Art Center. Every year seems to turn out a few that go on and become “artists” in this new art economy. I won’t name names, there’s just a lot. Who will it be this year? It’s so crowded, I honestly couldn’t get to more than 25% of what was out there. I don’t bother with car design, although I might one day drive the prototype that’s here.

Yes bikes, a lot of them. Where are they going? I know this fella, and he’s Emilio Santoyo. He also did the war of the ketchup and mustard, being rooted on by hotdogs. Come to think of it, relish wins for me every time.


These prints looked great. I forgot the name of this person, but the work was consistent.

This work freaked me out. The faces were on cans.

This was amazing. A world, a Cloud City, a dream of a place, Jack Long’s buildings, City of Darkness, somewhere in Brazil, maybe the setting for Amelie 2, you couldn’t be at or beat this place.

I like the architecture the airplane view of this piece.

That’s smiles for a graduate.