Giant Robot Biennale: 50 Issues opening night

The story is is that David said he was going to put a few throwing stars in one area, but somewhere around 3pm on the day of the opening, he threw 50 into the wall. These are sharp! So what happened? See the bottom right? They had to add the white platforms, and set them up at the last minute which meant, paint, label, and set up so no one would get injured. Imagine leaning, or even getting bumped into a star? On the positive note, it made the mural look great.

A line up! Believe it or not, by the end of the evening 2700 came though. That’s a hefty art opening, and might even be a record at the museum. I saw a lot of new, old, and familiar faces. After a solid week of being there a lot, and making sure everything was running alright, it was a great payoff. I expected a lot less, and frankly was surprised at the high number. Imagine, there was a line to get into the gallery where the art show was at, and being inside and using the back ways to get from one place to the next, I never really saw the line until much later. The galleries only allow 150 people at a time. Come and check it out later on.

Mom, Angelyn, and Lucia (The Eames’s daughter is also named Lucia)

That’s John Sayles!

Scrabbel played in the main hall. The cool thing, food never ran out and I saw a lot of people eating the tamales.

Michelle B and Christian who has an insane hairstyle. He has more style that everyone combined. It sort of has the Vanilla Ice but retro 50s thing going on. The Vanilla Ice doo never really caught on.

Pika Pika and the I&I sound truck in the background.

Seonna and Saelee. While they stood there for my photo, others took pictures of them too. It had a paparazzi feel for a second. I’m not sure how often they’ve shown art together, but they currently share the same studio with many other great artists.

This is the most valuable photo in the bunch. This is Clement, the hardest working guy who helped make this show happen. I told him that we’d be wearing suits, and he said, “are you serious?” and lo and behold, he did too. I’ve known Clement for a while, and it was great to work with him, and we’ll do it again. I hope this show didn’t age him too much, we have a lot of work to do.

Souther Salazar, me and Pryor Praczukowski.

People are allowed to get close and shoot pics. They don’t normally allow pics, but not at this show, you’re allowed to shoot pics and hopefully get inspired by them.

David Choe signs autographs. People love Dave.

Ayumi with a big smile at the Standard.

Choe and Eishi. The room is starting to look a little messy.

That’s Pryor Praczukowski. One of my oldest friends. He got a fancy haircut which makes him look even taller. That’s Myleen on the bottom left corner. Her smile is the best.

Nothing left to say, but thanks for coming out. It means a lot to me.

For more pics, see the flickr thing below.

Some Youtube video of what the show looks like…