A wall at JANM. This is where the Biennale’s taking place. This is the small room actually. Can the artists handle the space? I’ll assume it should be easy. Will it be tough and last minute? Probably. Is that normal? Yes. Will it be fun. Most def. I’m hearing that the folks are enjoying the idea of this show at JANM, and that’s a good sign. Any last minute predictions of problems? Can’t just yet, but it’s bound to happen. Also want to say, welcome aboard to a last minute sponsor, Scion. Along with Imprint and the James Irvine Foundation, I guess we’re set.

That’s one entrance. A wall and text will go on there… maybe some art, who knows.

Space is the place. All I know is that I’m taking that George Nelson bench home.

Photos are deceiving. This is actually the big room, and the small one is through that entry way. It’s not that big, but it’s nice. Who’s art is going where? I get to help decide.