GR $ Scion Pt 1

Once in a while, things go nearly just right. Saturday night was one of those nights. We all have them. Surely, art shows are common, but sometimes, there’s some great ones that happen, I’d like to think this was one of them.

I’ll start with Kenton Parker. That’s him above, doing any odd job it takes to get the show moving. When everyone’s out eating dinner or even sleeping, he’s at the gallery making sure the art is going up and looking good. He’s a positive force, along with the others associated with the gallery, including Evan, Ian, Edith, Jeri, Cory, and well, there’s even more.

My line for the show, was ripped off from Almost Famous. I kept thinking in my head and saying, “It’s All Happening!”

Olaf Ladousse is from Madrid, along with screen prints, linoleum, and and comics, he makes doo-rags, which is the thing around his neck, it’s a noise maker basically, and you can mess with the pitches to make more noise. He’s a good fella, and was the elder statesman of the group show. I first saw his work in Madrid when I was at ARCO in 06.

Eishi Takaoka is the man. See all that wood? He made his own yurt and hung art on the outside and inside. I think he sort of stole the show with his hard work. See the piece on the left, the hanging phone? I think it was my favorite piece by Eishi.

Dan-ah! As seen in a previous issue of GR, this is Dan-ah, she’s amazing, and is yet another Korean female artist. She came in from NYC. And, I made her pose like this. She’s super shy, but made a great showing. A lot of people liked her art a lot.

feric is the man, some of his works had a price tag of 5 digits! Can you dig it?! Anyways, he’s a nice guy now living in Hawaii. I think he had fun at the show. He always had friends around, and that’s a great part of being able to travel, seeing your peeps.

Brian Ralph came to town and he’s amazing. He painted that beast warrior dude, and hung his art all around. He looks triumphant, and of all the artists, I’ve known him the longest. It was great to see him, and it was great that he came out. I blogged about him the other day, so check that out.

French! From England, he’s the hardcore skater who draws sort of kind of like Pushead. He’s an amazing bloke, and he’s surely having too much fun. He makes funny faces all the time, wears a lot of black, and is into the metal!