Choe Lazarides Nothing to Declare Beverly Hills 90210

Image: post art show. Family conferences are pretty sacred. This was post art show at the after party which took place at the Soho House. That's the Brothers Choe. Jimmy, David, and Paul in descending age order. You'd like to think they were talking for just a minute about how life has so far brought them to this point. It was perhaps the biggest possible gallery show. Glad I shot this with 1600 iso. I'll bet their mom might want a copy, but there's beer and hi ball drinks in the pic.

Parking attendants, tons of them in front of the gallery. Just walking up, you know this one is special. It's just massive from the front.

This is a weird blow up figure in the window. This must have been a huge clothing shop before hand. The thrift store blankets are awesome.

A few of the smaller works. This art exhibition was huge and David brought his A game. So much art filled this giant room. I didn't think he had enough when I visited him at his studio, but it got done in a fury.

The crates were from JANM show, but they look a lot different here!

Whale guts ala the streets of Taiwan.

David and Nikki. That red scarf looks amazing.

I want this one! Hook me up someone.

Ben and Bobby Hundreds. I like how Ben is really into sports. That's cool. Their athletic based action wear (what a term) still has some athletics involved.

Nikki, Basterd David, Inglorious Eli Roth, and his friend with the fruity name of Peaches Geldof.

David and Bobby Hundreds.

The giant whale floated in the middle. Probably 1000 came through.

Joe Hahn and Heidi Woan.

The watercolors in the back room are amazing.

Michael and Pearl Hsiung

Joe To and Rob Sato

Harry Kim get your movie done. Dirty Hands is starting soon.

Whoa. Jason sports the Jimmy face shirt. See this video.

Another watercolor

The dressing rooms served as tiny art rooms

Matt, Dave, Gary, and Nikki at Norms. We never got a table.

That's her!

Junko, Aki, and this dark sketchy dude in the back. Mysterious.

No matter what, Taco Bell is always there. Great show David! How do you top it?