Game Over! SF.

The Game Over 3 show features some great art. Check out this Team Macho cartridge! It's carved from wood, and painted in the coolest way. There's three versions and if you're a true game fan or game executive, this is a must have. There's plenty of great art on the wall at GRSF and the fans and friends from GDC were there in force.

I dig the pencil sketch mature Mario by the guy pictured: Jake Gillespie!

Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall

Petri, a game maker from Europe!

LA in the house. Souris Hustler of Culture, Lulu, and Silvio Porretta, game maker and artist, and their friend Wayne.

Aww blurrrr. Can't recognize them? Han Wang, Melissa Hung, and Vincent Pham.

filmmakers Jessica Sanders and Suzi Yoonessi

Goh Nakamura and Joe To

More game art

More Team Macho art!