The best BBQ marathon ever?

Backyard BBQs are usually about hot dog, hamburgers, and maybe chicken. That's what you do on the bare minimum. Sho from Yoshi's in San Francisco does things differently when food is involved. He goes all out. It's not an event to miss. Here's Sams hands making toro sushi. It's obviously amazing. Look at the pink color. Sushi was being made inside the house while a BBQ of amazing flavors happened outside.

Look at the rich orange color of this uni from Hokkaido. The label is below. The package it came in still had the shipping labels from Japan. Uni is usually a lighter orange, this one possessed a deep, rich color and tasted that way too.

The kitchen arena

The ikura was also a deeper orange than what you typically see.

Sam dealing with the ikura

Miles Nakamura and Daniel Wu. What kind of kicks are those?

Sho with the straw hat holding a bag of marinated tongue which was amazing.

Dan Automator on left, Sam the sushi man and friends

Intestines in two flavors and organic chicken.

a larger crew

Dan and Dan

The uni