By gr on 2010-02-25

Aki Goodsmile takes aim. Definitely militia. The glasses is definitely a giveaway that he's hiding something grim. Glasses in the day, militia at night. Below is Black Rock Shooter Huke who's definitely dangerous. When it came time to shoot the assault weapon, he started laughing like a mad man. In Japan, it's only co2 cartridges so shooting something real is the way to go.

You'll be seeing Huke art on the cover of Giant Robot 64. It's a little different than what you may expect, but that's what we wanted to do.

Estevan Oriol is a nice practical guy. He doesn't look like it, but I swear he is. Yeah I botched the focus on the shot below, but it's ok. He shot at the target point blank with an elephant gun type of thing and it made a huge rip.

That's how dumb we all look. Estevan is the only one to worry about.