Ozumo San Francisco

Ozumo in San Francisco. It's a restaurant in the Embarcadero area. Running around with the GRSF manager, Luke, this is a spot that he knows about. This was fish with a thin bacon covering. I forgot what kind of fish, but perhaps a halibut. The flavoring was strong from the bacon. The mushrooms buttery. Ozumo.com

This was a medley. There's crab on the left, but on top nearly covered is a tiny squid that's quite rare. They removed the eyeballs, but other than that, it tasted quite nice. I could have eaten a lot more of them. They suchi is crap and scallop. The "thing" with the red dot" in the middle. I had it before, but I forgot what it's called. I almost think it's a fish egg cluster, but I'm not sure now.

Two kinds of snappers. Red on the bottom, the top is black snapper. Both are more tart and refreshing. These after came after the below pieces.

Guess what the top piece is? It's Kobe beef in sushi form. It was quite great. Super rich. It goes well with the toro, which is also quite rich. I started with the toro of course, before hitting the Kobe beef. Definitely the right way to go.

I didn't hear the description of this one, but it's pretty for sure. It was something like a California Roll with some Unagi on top. The mint actually serves a perfect purpose of adding a little bit of something to the sauce which had some spice to it. It was their most hybrid sushi dish that we had.

Ribs. From the kitchen, this is over the top. The slaw was good too. Glad they didn't put peanuts in it. It seems like something that would have too many peanuts ruining it.

This is Luke, yes, we down ramen too earlier in the day. You must think all I do is eat, but that's not the case. I remarked that Luke looks like Mario. Imagine the overalls with a different color hat. Yes, Mario.