KAWS Honor Fraser

The lag of it all. After weeks of being up, I finally made it in to the gallery to see KAWS. He generated so much hype for his exhibition, it was amazing to witness. The long line at the gallery happened because in the end, it's not a large space. It's actually two rooms, which is big enough, yet, for the grandeur, it seemed like he needed a museum floor. This was a huge piece probably made of fiberglass.

This one was smaller and quite nice.

His art has gotten more abstract, and it's great to see new ranges of his works.
It's almost like his work deconstructed.

It's odd to see his head as a sculpture.

This looks like the Kimpson's pieces from way back.
I saw his exhibition at the BAPE gallery in Aoyama back in the day. They were packaged just like this, but much smaller.